Textile projects, but just that bit different: that is what Neffa is all about. Textile is the recurring theme, and is combined with technology in ways that are always surprising. Smart innovations offer a range of different options and motivate users to customise the design entirely to suit their own preferences. Neffa translates technology into surprising, tangible results in textile, with a distinct style and a unique appearance.

Crystal Cave

Living wall

Dutch Summer

Solar Fiber

Slime-mold pattern

I WANT contact

Beta Textiles Crisp

Monitoring Textile


Sleeping Beauty

Listeria Towel

Typically Dutch

Ivy Xposed

the Letterbag


Neffa often takes a proactive approach to technological innovations. Yet it takes on commissions as well. Those customers are often businesses seeking an application for their materials or technologies. Neffa might not invent the technology, but it conceives the way in which it can be used. Neffa also works together closely with parties, generally with a background in textile or technology, that wish to put the concepts developed into production. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know what Neffa can do for you.