Distinctiveness as a guiding principle
The name Neffa means wanting to do things just that bit differently. Neffa is an advocate of distinctiveness and firmly believes that that is precisely what makes the world such a special place. People want to be the same in certain ways, but preferably just that bit different. That is why our products offer scope for a personal touch. Each one can be customised in a small way, which creates a distinct style and a unique appearance.

Fascination with technology
Neffa also has a visible fascination with technology. The possibilities are endless, and making technical innovations understandable for a wider audience is an art in itself. Translating those innovations into tangible results is the kind of challenge that Neffa loves to pursue. By using traditional working methods we give our designs the distinctiveness that is so important. Our designs are not about a clinical or sterile application of technology, but instead about a personal approach that reflects each person’s individual style.

Cooperation with different disciplines
Neffa has its own way of looking at the world, and is continually seeking out new and surprising perspectives: sometimes alone, but often together with other original minds from various sectors. A creative designer, a brilliant scientist, a driven engineer: Neffa loves to be inspired by other disciplines, which is how it conceives its best ideas. Neffa might not invent the technological innovations itself, but it understands better than anyone how to put them to use and bring them to life.

Tangible results
Neffa designs textile projects, but just that bit differently. By combining creative ideas, surprising angles and unexpected objects with technological innovations and traditional working methods it produces tangible results that appeal directly to the imagination. Many of these projects have a ‘reactive capability’: the options that are built into the design require users to make decisions and so to add something of themselves.