Workshop smart textiles: LED

On November 24, 2013 Aniela gives a workshop smart textiles.
It is an introduction to the processing of LEDs in textile.

In the morning you get a brief explanation of the functioning of LEDs, electricity and various lighting possibilities. You make a test sample with 5 LEDs and a battery.

In the afternoon you get to work with a bring-along project or an object that you wish to have light. Consider for example LEDs in a T-shirt, bag, brooch, embroidery, etc. as long as it is of textile. In addition, there is a choice from a number of examples.
The idea is that the basic principles of the morning will be translated into your own chosen project.

More information and registration can be found on the website of iFabrica.

Led textile combo


On Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday, October 6th bustling with fashion in Utrecht during the second edition of In-Fashion. In-Fashion gives you – through exhibits, workshops, lectures, performances and more at various locations in the center of Utrecht – the chance to connect to stories of designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion world.

Meet me in my Room
The rooms on the first floor of Hotel Dom be the stage for work and stories of selected Dutch fashion designers. You can see work of amongst others Alexander Fielden, Ynchomar Dosset, Sabine Staartjes, Marieke van Geffen, Marina Toeters & Aniela Hoitink (Solar Fiber), Marijke Aarntzen, photographer Rachel Schraven and illustrator Nina Mathijsen.

More information and full program on

Science Center NEMO

Our Solar Fiber hat version 2.0 is now at Science Center Nemo in Amsterdam, visit the Smart Technology exhibitiont to see the real thing.

Solar Fiber hat at Nemo

CCAA Hall of fame

One-stop shop for the creative industries is the description that “Creative Cities Amsterdam Area” (CCAA) platform gives concerning its actions. The platform’s goal is to develop and promote the Amsterdam’s metropolitan region potentials regarding the creative economy. This polycentric area, developed around Amsterdam, is considered to be Netherlands’ creative core, and one of the top five creative cities in the world.

Aniela has been interviewed by Tjarda de Haan for the Hall of Fame of this platform (in dutch).

CCAA – Aniela Hoitink


Dutch newspaper Parool of 20 October 2012 gave attention to Solar Fiber.

Parool 20-10-12

Dutch Design Week

Neffa is showing her latest project “Crystal Cave” at the Dutch Design Week. With Crystal Cave an area is created where you can adjust the admosphere yourself. The area is complete made of smocking, which gives it a unique appearence. One time you find yourself in an ice cave, the next time you’re in a glowing fire. Crystal Cave is a collaboration with arLEDto.

Next to this proof-of-concepts of Solar Fiber will be exhibited.

Also the top of the Beta Textiles project in the context of Wearable Senses will be shown at the Videolab.


Exciting ideas, pioneering experiments and extraordinary collaborations – Dutch design is much more than a first impression suggests. That’s exactly what you will see and experience during Dutch Design Week. With a staggering amount of boundless creativity of hundreds of renowned designers and young talents, also the eleventh edition of this great event again many unique insights into the future of design. Ready for tomorrow’s world? Come to Dutch Design Week 2012.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin gave attention to “Living Wall” in one of their October issues.

Solar Fiber presenting at Gogbot and Picnic

At following festivals we plan to present our first working prototypes of a Solar Fiber textile. The second step in the quest to make every sunlit surface on earth energy harvesting!

GOGBOT – Enschede, 6-9 september 2012
An art, music and technology festival.

PICNIC – Amsterdam, 18 september 2012
“Come explore how through the power of (connected) technology, consumers and citizens are (re)discovering the ability to take greater control over their lives, causing huge power shifts. The Occupy Movement, Arab Spring, the emergence of local barter economies, microfinance and crowdfunding, democracy 3.0, open design, quantified self, and the explosion of amateur content creation and distribution platforms are examples of the disruption of traditional organizing systems and business models.”

Exhibition Open Ateliers Noord

During Open Ateliers Noord Neffa has exhibited project Sleeping Beauty in the Augustinus church at the Nieuwendammerdijk 227 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This was number 15a on the roadmap. For more information, please look at website of Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord.
Saturday 09 June 2012 from 12.00 till 18.00h
Sunday 10 June 2012 from 12.00 till 18.00h

Night of Arts & Sciences

During the Night of Arts & Scienses Ralf Jacobs and Aniela Hoitink presented their winning idea for the “Ideas waiting to happen” competition: Solar Fiber. More information on the night was to be found here.
2 Juni 2012 – University Library, room 4th floor in Groningen, the Netherlands at 21.30H

Exhibition Open Atelierroute Abcoude

During Open Atelierroute Abcoude Neffa has exhibited project Sleeping Beauty at the office of broker Raad-Huis at the Raadhuisplein 2 in Abcoude, the Netherlands.
Saturday 26 May 2012 from 12.00 till 18.00h
Sunday 27 May 2012 from 12.00 till 18.00h
For more information, please look at website of Ab-Art.

Ideas Waiting to Happen

Ideas Waiting to Happen  four days of innovation for techies, creatives and visionairies.

Four Wednesdays in May 2012 were marked around the theme ‘Ideas Waiting To Happen’. The idea is as follows. Let technical scientists, designers and visionaries talk about the latest technology, applications and future visions of Nanotechnology, for example, LED and 3D printing. Then, brainstorm in teams about new applications that until now were not conceivable. Result: hundreds of ideas, some very concrete and immediately realizable. While others are preliminary inspiration for the future.

Too many technical innovations are gathering dust on the shelves. At the same time there is a lot of creativity to make these techniques applicable. Also, design can be more innovative by applying new techniques. Logical, but in practice, these worlds are hard to find and from that idea arose Ideas Waiting To Happen.

In a series of three thematic meetings was zoomed in on a technical topic (Nanotechnology, LED and 3D printing). The first part of the program consisted of getting inspired by a scientist, a designer and a visionary. The second part of the program consisted of creating / brainstorming. The evening was closed each time with a power pitch of the developed ideas. During the final day teams worked their ideas into a concrete product that is realistic and achievable and at the end of the day was pitched to the jury of a delegation of L & P Group, Philips and the organization of Ideas Waiting To Happen.

The honorable mention, assigned by Ideas Waiting To Happen himself, went to Plastic-a-GoGo. Plastic-a-GoGo collects litter (plastic) in developing countries in order to use the solar heat to melt this into a material used for 3D-printing, so for example, tailor-made glasses can be printed. The second prize a € 2,500, – provided by Philips went ArLEDto. A package of hardware and software that allows the most requested technical potential of LED lighting accessible to people who are not technical and can control the technology with hand gestures, music, proximity and wifi. The first prize of € 5000, – the L & P Group was won by Solar Fiber. Yarn (for weaving) that converts sunlight into electrical energy called Solar Fiber.

Solar Fiber is created by: Ralf Jacobs / Systems engineer, Marina Toeters / Creative technology, Meg Grant / Textile technology en Aniela Hoitink / Designer.

Light Design

Light Design – a periodical publication from Russia for professionals in lighting, lighting design and for anyone interested in artistic and technical lighting – gave attention to project “Sleeping beauty” in their july/sept issue (nr. 3) on page 110.

Interni Panorama

Interni Panoramathe magazine about design from Milaan / Italy – gave attention to project “Sleeping beauty” in their october issue (nr. 65) on page 4 & 5.

Coolture Magazine

Coolture Magazine – a spanish internet-magazine about “cool culture” – gave attention to project “Sleeping beauty” in their november issue (nr. 18) on page 41.

Design on the road

From 4 till 13 November 2011 designevent Ontwerp op de Weg (Design on the Road) takes place in the centre of Haarlem, the Netherlands. During Ontwerp op de Weg talented designers show their products for ten days in the display windows of leading shops. But there is more! Ontwerp op de Weg wants to show what design is. The centre of Haarlem will be transformed into a meetingplace where creativity, inspiration, craftmanship and entrepreneurship will come together. The window display route passes leading shops followed by the Concept Store, a temporary store where these designproducts are for sale.

Neffa will be showing Sleeping Beauty at the display window of Jan Sikkes, Kruisstraat 32 in Haarlem.



World of Neffa

Why do things look the way they do? Why are televisions predominantly black and fridges white? Why do people simply accept that? Neffa, doing things just that bit differently, believes that objects should be more personal, and indeed càn be. In her concepts Neffa tries to add some extra’s. In this case the variability of the paint. The objects are reacting on their surrounding like water, warmth or light. Be surprised and get inspired!

Neffa proudly presents her world in a 3D animation developed by the Dutch company Zero Creative. This animation will give you an impression of the re-active projects “Listeria towel”, “the Letterbag” and upcoming project “Living Wall”. These projects react under the influence of the elements. You will find more information on the right side under “Projects”.

Bang Home

Bang Home – an E-journal in modern decoration from China – gave attention to project “Sleeping beauty” in their 22nd magazine.


BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner

Neffa’s Sleeping Beauty was within the Top 100 of 2011 chosen by the jury for the BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner. Take a look here to see the latest submissions.


Interview for Lodiko

Lodiko is one of the leading Bulgarian websites focused on design innovations, hi-tech gadgets and unique projects. For “Meet the designer” Aniela Hoitink of Neffa has been interviewed. You can read the whole interview: Lodiko interview

Interview Lodiko

AD México

Architectural Digest México gave attention to our poetic project “Sleeping beauty” in their August issue.

Architectural Digest México

de Pers: Nothing needs to be grey

Dutch newspaper “de Pers” gave attention to “I WANT contact” on thursday 11th of August 2011.


WGSN Homebuildlife

For WGSN Homebuildlife Neffa was asked to give their thoughts on “Playfull Lighting”. Click on the picture for the trend analysis.

In times of crisis we tend to look back and as a human being we make the past seem much nicer than it actually was. So when it is getting harder in life (struggle or crisis) we hold on to what we know, which is the past. And for a lot this involves childhood memorys. We want to experience the carelessness we then had.
space wgsn-detail

Icon Product Yearbook 2011

Neffa’s Ivy Xposed has been selected for “The Icon Product Yearbook / 2011“, check page 39.
Icon is one of the world’s finest architecture and design magazines.

Design on the Road

From 5 to 14 November 2010 Designevent Ontwerp op de Weg (Design on the Road) takes place in the centre of Haarlem, the Netherlands. During Ontwerp op de Weg talented designers show their products for ten days in the display windows of leading shops. But there is more! Ontwerp op de Weg wants to show what design is. The centre of Haarlem will be transformed into a meetingplace where creativity, inspiration, craftmanship and entrepreneurship will come together.

The window display route passes leading shops followed by the Concept Store, a temporary store where these designproducts are for sale. Also design workshops will be given by experienced designers.

Neffa displays her projects the Letterbag and Ivy Xposed. Next to that these Letterbags are for sale in the Concept Store.



Thuisleven – magazine for home, garden & interior – gave attention to “Ivy Xposed” in their September issue (2010).


Design Display Window Route

For the fifth time in a row, the Stichting Detailhandelsplatform Binnenstad Eindhoven (SDBE: Downtown Eindhoven Retail Foundation) will organise the Design Display Window Route during and in cooperation with Dutch Design Week.

The concept can be described as familiar by now: approximately 100 stores in downtown Eindhoven will offer part of their display windows to designers. For nine days, they will have the opportunity to bring their product to the attention of the shoppers.

Another route has also been set out this year, which passes by all the display windows. During Dutch Design Week, these route booklets are distributed among all the participating stores, the Eindhoven Tourist Office (VVV, Stationsplein 17) and at several DDW information points. You can also download the pfd-version: DER 2010

Neffa will be showing project “Ivy Xposed” at Rambam (jeans & fashion) at the Rechtestraat 69 in Eindhoven. Dutch Design Week is from 23 till 31 October 2010.


Etalage Rambam close-up

Home & Living

Home & Living – an independent magazine for the decoration industry – gave attention to project “Ivy Xposed” in their August issue (2010).



ONoffice – workplace design – published an article about Ivy Xposed in their August 2010 issue (44).


101 Woonideeën

101 Woonideeën published an article about “I WANT contact” in their August 2010 issue.


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